Masquerade ticket update. You can now buy them at the door.

You can now buy tickets at the door.

(The preferred is still to RSVP with Anthony or Mimi.)

If you’re not rsvped, but really want to wear a costume and mask and thus show up at the door with $20 or $35 in hand, you should be fine given Anthony approval on-site, though possibly only if you’re attending with someone who HAS rsvped. (Given the insanely incestuous nature of Vancouver, I’m sure this will not be difficult.)

The invite that was circulating previously stated that tickets must be purchased in advance because, at the time, only a dozen or so tickets had been rsvped/purchased and the event couldn’t go through with that few. Commitment was needed to ensure that A&M didn’t lose money.

However, now that the event is for sure a go, having the ticket pre-paid in hand when you show up is not strictly required. It would be wonderful/greatly appreciated/a really nice thing to do if you would RSVP, especially if you’re doing the open bar, as if 30 people show up without warning, there may not be enough for everyone! But if you’ve let A&M know that you’ll be there, but just haven’t been able to coordinate to get the money to them, that’s definitely okay.

In short, please don’t think that you’re unable to come if you’re unable to coordinate getting tickets paid for in advance! Just make certain that you’ve e-mail geminifest at, or call Anthony or Mimi directly, to let them know that you’re coming, and how many, as to quote him, “it’s a lot less hassle” if they know numbers in advance.

And if you can circulate so that lots of folks can see this this on your LJs, that would also be extremely wonderful.

Vancouver Masquerade 2007

in my name

You and a guest are invited to:

The Masquerade
a local phantasmagoria, the social event of the season

Friday, June 29, 2007 at 7:30pm, at the Jericho Arts Centre.

Please be prepared with a mask & a (formal) costume of any era. Absolutely no street, casual wear or plain work clothes will be admitted! Plain jeans, cargo pants or suits are not permitted unless part of an ensemble – e.g. a suit-jacket as part of a dirigible captain’s costume is perfectly fine.

Some ideas for formal dress include: fantasy or period costume, tuxedo, dress uniform, Victorian gowns, traditional ethnic, fictional character or futuristic. Use your imagination! Creativity is highly encouraged and deeply appreciated. Please note however, that this is a formal ball, not a costume party. If in doubt please don’t hesitate to ask the organizers; they would be happy to help!

Performances will begin at 8:30.

We graciously request $20 in –advance– to cover costs and, optionally, $15 to partake of the open bar.
RSVP required. E-mail geminifest at to purchase a ticket. First come, first serve.

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June 9, from 8pm to 1pm with live entertainment beginning at 9:30.

Sunbury Hall, Sunbury Park, 10409 Dunlop Street, North Delta
(Arrangements are in process for a shuttle to and from Scott Rd. Skytrain)

Tickets: $20, $30 for an open bar. They are to be paid for in advance. Please RSVP at

No Guest Shall Be Admitted Without a RSVP Response Card. Pseudonym Formalwear and Mask are Required.


Speaking of parties, I need a venue for my birthday party. My apartment has grown too small for the number of people who’ve been asking what I’m doing this Saturday. Does anyone have a flat bigger than mine they would be willing to put up for a night? Or a house? House preferable, really. Back yards and porches are a double plus for any party, in my opinion. We’re an exceptionally non-destructive group, the worst we’ve ever done was set off confetti bombs and I’ll vouch that you’ll get ice-cream.

Save Nazanin.

Tories to legislate fixed American-style election terms“: this is worrisome. Currently, it’s up to the prime minister to decide when to call an election any time up to five years. The idea is that the government should fall when it can’t pass legislation. Otherwise the electorate has no recourse, they have to wait for however many years to oust the government and get one that does have the support of the people. Right now in the U.S. George Bush’s government is hovering around 25-28% approval rate. If this was Canada they couldn’t get a bill passed in the House of Commons, but in the U.S. they get two more years of Bush. Another reason why fixed terms are bad is that only half the time the government is running for reelection (i.e. trying to please voters). Shouldn’t they try to please the voters all the time instead of whenever the election looms around?

Researchers found that mice can pass on traits to their offspring even if the gene behind those traits is absent.