Masquerade ticket update. You can now buy them at the door.

You can now buy tickets at the door.

(The preferred is still to RSVP with Anthony or Mimi.)

If you’re not rsvped, but really want to wear a costume and mask and thus show up at the door with $20 or $35 in hand, you should be fine given Anthony approval on-site, though possibly only if you’re attending with someone who HAS rsvped. (Given the insanely incestuous nature of Vancouver, I’m sure this will not be difficult.)

The invite that was circulating previously stated that tickets must be purchased in advance because, at the time, only a dozen or so tickets had been rsvped/purchased and the event couldn’t go through with that few. Commitment was needed to ensure that A&M didn’t lose money.

However, now that the event is for sure a go, having the ticket pre-paid in hand when you show up is not strictly required. It would be wonderful/greatly appreciated/a really nice thing to do if you would RSVP, especially if you’re doing the open bar, as if 30 people show up without warning, there may not be enough for everyone! But if you’ve let A&M know that you’ll be there, but just haven’t been able to coordinate to get the money to them, that’s definitely okay.

In short, please don’t think that you’re unable to come if you’re unable to coordinate getting tickets paid for in advance! Just make certain that you’ve e-mail geminifest at, or call Anthony or Mimi directly, to let them know that you’re coming, and how many, as to quote him, “it’s a lot less hassle” if they know numbers in advance.

And if you can circulate so that lots of folks can see this this on your LJs, that would also be extremely wonderful.

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