Ashes and Snow will be on view in Santa Monica, from Jan 14 to May 14, 2006. I want to go.

[pj harvey – water]
Now the water to my ankles
Now the water to my knees
Think of him all waxy wings
Melted down into the sea
Mary, Mary what your man said
Washing it all over my head
Mary, Mary hold on tightly
Over water
Under the sea

Ashes and Snow
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Gregory Colbert has updated his website. &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Remember to breathe.

I’m so sorry there are not more angels. That there are not more years for grace.

I’m sorry I don’t have words for what I feel I want to say.

This is a universal thing, I know, but it brings us down every time.

May you have time to give everything you still have to say to the family you’ve made.

You have my deepest sympathies for your sorrow.

This isn’t enough, but I don’t know how to play the song that needs singing.