on the heels of the inevitable “I’m not in love with you” phonecall which always makes me spit black


To whoever it was so thoughtfully tucked the pair of condoms down next to my bed?

Incredibly bad taste. Poor taste. Poor timing. You lose. I will find you. You won’t like it when I do.

like the lady said

FELIX CULPA‘s new play, REVENGE, at the Firehall Theatre opens tonight with a free preview at 8:00 pm. The world premiere of an old play, David Bloom’s Revenge, inspired by The Revenger’s Tragedy by Thomas Middleton, is “a darkly funny tale of love and vengeance, set in a world obsessed with transient beauty, wealth and power.” Knowing David’s delicious humour, I believe it.

Liam and I are attending tonight, anyone else interested? Free is a damned good price.
edit: so far we have Silva, Wayne, Nicole & maybe Keith

Felix Culpa can be counted on to always deliver intense and outstanding work. (Some of you might be lucky enough to remember them from HIVE.) Their credo is to only perform intellectual, highly literate, yet recklessly unconventional theatre with as much panache and inventive brilliance as possible. They succeed 100%, a revolution untelevised.

Running May 4 -12, tickets are $25.00/$20.00, (available through the Firehall Box Office 689.0926), and Pay-what-you-can matinées Sunday May 6 and Saturday May 12 at 2:00 pm. (See Seven pass holders reserve through Tickets Tonight: 231.7375.)

I am so impressed by these people.

lurching down the mountain
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“Right, so there are a colony of nerdy D&D-playing medievalists who gather in Mount Royal Park every Sunday to run around screaming and slapping each with swords made of duct-taped iron bars and shields made out of the lids of recycling bins. Shit, there are even dudes with nerf arrows, flails, battle axes and big fuckin’ hammers. One guy had on an entire suit of chain mail armor.

Anyway, a cabal of local hipsters decided that this Sunday was going to be different. This Sunday, the hipsters were going to dress up like zombies and come marching out of the woods to engage the nerds in glorious battle. We were there to witness and record the hilarity that ensued.”