Missing Persons

*am dancing*

One of my missing people has been discovered! My personal mythology has one less gap in it’s history.
Christopher, the whimsical computer lord, hath been found!
(Or rather, he hath found me!)

And solved the roomate situation, in one, may I dare say it? Fell swoop.

Missing Persons:

Charles Pascual
Douglas Forbes aka Crow
-thought to be in the Fraser & 41st area
Gavin, painter, clown, & human siamese
-thought to be in Calgary, {GreenFools??}

I’m going now to count pennies until they add up to busfare.

Pretty Pretentious People in Black

Would anyone be up for Sanctuary this Sunday? I’m planning on dragging a suberban yuppie (through no fault of his own), friend down to, um, expand his horizons. Yeaaah. Culture, that’s it.
ANYHOO – it would be lovely to go down and actually have people’s company to enjoy, (rather than going down to be surrrounded by pretty pretentious people in black – lol).