White Pebble Day

Yesterday was so nice.
I’m happy today. It’s neat.

loving time with the Aubreylove,
rid of the brotherchild Robin,
a party even was visited!

an amusing moment was being dropped off in a shiny black convertable while the yokels across the street, (whom call us freaks), stopped in thier tracks to watch. *grins*

I haven’t been to a parrty in AGES. I feel vaguely sad that I found out later that I could have stayed longer. A phonecall arrived soon after I left the house which has delayed our trip a day, so I could have stayed as long as I’d wanted to and got home around midnight or one. *sadface* But it was alright the way it turned out. Had a lovely dinner. Had a finally-we’re-talking-about-this talk with the Love. Had a satisfiable evening. *grins* (Satisfiable? *laughs at self*)

I was wound up when I got home. People. Wow. I spent time with PEOPLE! Real ones! That I didn’t have to type to talk to!! *awe* And they were some of my favorite fleshies too… I sang the happy doom song for an hour straight.

Today I am going to surprise the love by bringing him to the bright scarlet red buckyball eiffel tower I found.

his name is dan. (Hi dan! *hugs you*).
there are grr toys. must get a grr toy.