a parade so there

The parade is going to be underway at 7:00pm; however trying to meet up with people after the parade is underway is neigh impossible (there will be over 7000 people out for the major major pagan event.

To this end we are going to meet up at Turks Coffee House at 6:00pm.

Who are “We?” People you know and people I know…. Lots of people who know each other. Want to find out, come on down and see.

We are going to be leaving from Turks at about 6:40pm to go look at the pre-parade pavilions that are placed prodigiously about the park.

Please try to actually get there at 6:00pm, parking is going to be very nasty and busses are going to be packed. And you’ll want a coffee before that.

Turk’s Coffee Exchange
1276 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC V5L3X4
(604) 255-5805
(On Commercial Street at the north east corner of Commercial and Charles St.)