I want more than anything else right now to be dancing on a rooftop overlooking the ocean in a country I’ve never been to. Somewhere warm, so that I can wear a thin summer dress.

I want to be in front of a window, framed by bright sunshine, knowing that someone has seen me and is thinking I am the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen.

I want to be with my feet in white sand, hands up graceful, twirling along the water barefoot.

I want to be out there. Alive.

I want poetry readings and someone playing Mohler for me on the cello. I want chocolate on my tongue in Spain. I want to be able to climb the fence at StoneHenge and wander blissfully under the stars. I want to strip myself on that bloody altar and scream. I want to see the jungle from the window of my temporary room, with its four poster bed hung with dripping red and a mini iron balcony. I wants to pose nude for a painter, cubist, in paris. Then again, for an impressionist, holding grapes. Which I will then, one by one eat, while walking away in a black classic dress. Later, I want to be swimming in a river where soldiers died for politicians sins and be washed clean. I want to be…

I want….


Sorry. This is futility. Excuse me.

Hippy anniversary kermie dearest

Tuesday was my two + half year anniversary with Bill. I got him a Kermit the Frog what has a little tele camera. Silly thing is too tall for the frog, but he was happpy. In fact, Kermit is now staring at me from on top the monitor, holding his hand out to stop me from typing more to the left. *grinning* Perhaps he’s upset over the amoutn of television I’ve been watching, that hasn’t been the Muppet Show. Ray, in his glorious wisdom, brought over two tapes of Max Headroom. We watch at least two episodes a day now.

In other news, my friends have been cross-pollinating, which I find delightful, and we delicious female succubi have dragged my friend Chris into the world of Live Journal. Everyone please say hello to blingforjesus.