Had a wonderful party time. Everyone came who I hoped would, (minus one), and people I hadn’t even met arrived. (How did you get my address, mr. reluctance?). It was wonderful to meet everyone. Now I have face, voice, cadence, and word for all these lovely writers I read religiously. *grinning*

Mike arrived first, and we played YDKJ until Ray arrived. Then it seemed everyone else arrived all at once. ‘Cept Alli, who actually had been on the same bus as James but had walked the wrong way. Amazing, the half hour difference.

THe game of 100 cards was quite silly. It occured to me that it was a far better thing that friends are a new thing for me, so I could appreciate keenly how special it was to have a room full of happy intelligent people enjoying themsdelves in my livingroom.

My cheeks hurt the next day from laughing so much. Poor Bill was exhausted though. Never really joined us. Was up at 6 and going hard all day with people coming obver from 8a.m. onwards. Poor dear was far too dead by the time the other group of partiers came over. *grinning* Had a loverly time anyways though. I think Mike dancing the interprative of his grandmother being a prostitute in WWII was deff a high point. *laughter* I iimagine, though, it may sound better, (or worse), than it actually was.

Now – who took the cards I put aside??