conflicting opinions on desires and rage

It’s amusing. I check my mail this morning and it is absolutely full with postings, some anonymus, some just pretending to badly, back and forth about a rather uncivil person I don’t know. I think last I looked, the number of posts was at 20. I’m not certain anything I’ve writ has ever merited so much attention before. This brings to mind – If I were filled with more conflict and had far poorer manners, would I be more popular? Course, I didn’t bring this question up, as it’s not really the sort of question I’d think of, unless in jest. Which, of course, is how I’m posting it. *grinning* But it was brought to my attention, as a fair number of people seem curious as to what this girl is actually up to. Course, as I don’t know and no-one seems likely to iinform us all, I suppose it will stay a popular mystery to talk over. Like a coffee table book.