the first housing

*yawns* What a long tiresome day so far. Such an anti-climax to the wonderful time we had last night.(Thank you   for having us over) And there’s no chasing after freedom either, as the first canceles the buspass. (Transit my only way to go catch that elusive pixie)

 Today we finally tracked down the cell number of the fellow upstairs who is to be giving us monies. He hasn’t appeared here at the house for the last day or two. When the ringing ends –  No. He’s moving out today. (Though still he owes money).  Ah spiteful day with your overhanging boredom. Waiting and wanting and waiting. 

I suppose I’d better call up   at some point for the just-in-case of it all. Course, I’m sure by now, she’s changed her plans. *sighs* No light olive girly den upstairs now.  Middle of the night dancing on the roof lit by christmas lights is right out. Perhaps m’love will get over his irrationality regarding the males in my life and accept Aiden to move in, as I can’t imagine that could possibly still want to move in. Too many pieces rudeness edged in the puzzlebox.