no leaving the house means no anything

So today started well – Got up, out of the house, (forgetting to bring someone’s number, of course, because I’m an idiot. My apologies mr. ellis), and hit the Drive with a bag full of resume’s. Hit everywhere I wanted to and one or two extras, nothing amazing, no-one terribly interested, but still – I was hopeful. Then came the bad bit. On my way up to Broadway, (so I could go and harrass other bits of the city and try and convince them of my brilliance), disaster.

I dropped my buspass getting off the bus and some damned kid nabbed it and got away!!

So now completely broke – I am without transport. Lovely. Now I’ve rezzies and people to give them to – I cannot GET to where I need to give them, nor meet them if they wish an interview. I am totally and completely stuck. And in a house where I’m not exactly welcome. Whee.