*sounds of glockenspiel pretending to be important*

Today the montage consists of a broken chair with leather tanned by blood; an agonising walk too far, too far; chocolate ice-cream I can’t pretend to afford; practically free money; and having the Actors Society of Canada swoop in with thier life-saving action. Hy-ah.

It barks at no one else but me
      Like it’s seen a ghost
      I guess it seen the sparks a-flowing
      No one else would know

I’m in denial about a lot of things. I like calling in denial having hope.

 Sometimes I get overcharged
      That’s when you see sparks
      You ask me where the hell I’m going
      At a thousand feet per second

There’s almost 20 rolls of film waiting cold in the icebox, waiting with infinite patience to be developed. Tomorrow I have a job interview – perhaps their matyrdom will spur me onwards to greatness.

I don’t want to worry whether we’re going stay together till we die
       I want to jump in
      Unless this music’s stomping
      All the dishes rattle when the elephants arrive

The other end of the crackling wire attached to the voice of Astral Books today. The owner can’t speak – I think that’s why they want me to work there. Less than minimum wage because I can speak to a man with no voice.

I might say yes because it’s better than nothing.