I figured what the hell

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This is going to be a busy time. Likely good, all things considered. I require some distraction, lest I find myself bitter.

Tonight is Indie Movie Night at Sara’s house.
Tomorrow night, Antonio & Mimi are having a slumber party.
Saturday is Jenn’s Hallowe’en Birthday Bash.
Sunday is Sukkot, which takes me firmly out of the picture.
Monday is Korean Movie Night.

So Tuesday then. Is anyone interested in going to see the Wallace & Gromit film, Curse of the Were Rabbit, on Tuesday?

On an entirely unrelated note. I have a bit of curiosity to throw at you all. You’re an incredibly diverse group of people, and perhaps perfect for this sort of query. My recent sense of wrongdoing has to do with some fairly basic ettiquite, I thought, but he’s claiming that it’s all in my head.

So, the question posed:
If you’re in a casual sexual relationship with someone, it’s only right and proper to inform them before you take another partner, no? Otherwise you’re being rude to the point of possiblly endangering them, right? This is my assumption, and the assumption of everyone I know, minus the one, so I want to know, are we just an exceptional group of people or are we an aberration of some kind?