Secrets are packets of seeds that require fertile ground. I threw his over the bridge he just burned

I heard the answer before he answered the question. I was right the first time around, when people change, it barely touches their intellect. Where is a notebook to spill into? I don’t have anyone I can call and cry to the sacred with. I don’t have a bastion of whole world at my feet to rely on. That was last year, this is this, the only now I’ve ever had. Too late. I swear into the phone, receiver falling into the cradle, heavier than gravity. His foolish answer, his petty games of justification. Cut. Respect is not a nebulous concept but simple. Unspoken contracts are trust, are the blood and bone of relationships. You don’t bring them with you when you fall, they are there to hold you up.

beat me to it because I forget

I tried to dye my hair bright pink today. It didn’t take, something deep in my physiology rejecting such a painfully vivid colour, but it’s coated my hands adequately as proof of after the fact. Otherwise, there would be no sign. I suspect it’s the first time I’ve ever attempted to paint myself something so.. cheerful. Here’s hoping that it didn’t take because my body’s learned how to reject falsities.

Ms. Kelly Foxton does very unusual things with her pet squirrel. Her website is mostly photo galleries. When I link to this sort of thing, can you believe I forgot the day before yesterday to link to the incest baby-death news story here? (similar somehow to the ‘only in the land of the free’ man charged for shocking his 8 year old daughter with electric coller.)

It’s like I’m slipping.

Another nice bit of news, a mysterious ‘half-animal, half-plant’ marine microbe was discovered by Japanese researchers.

Today I had my first time on a scooter and my first time driving one. It was terrifyingly easy. I’ve decided that I need to drop by ICBC and find myself one of those horrid little books on The Rules Of Our Roads so that when I play with such things, it’s legal. oh canada, we stand on guard for thee. My papers from the government should have arrived by now, the ones confirming my english citizenship, so I don’t think that I can stand to trust the office that said they would mail me one. Instead, this might become this weeks miniature crusade for meaning. Seems likely I need one.