The Muse Speaks

Let’s Sing a Song!
Originally uploaded by aNNa Munandar.

Since I have some time on my hands I thought I’d like to try an experiment in broadcasting, offering some of my posts as sound files.

In the interest of maintaining my addiction to a warm place to sleep, they’re not going to be free. Instead, I’m offering them on a by donation basis.
(The donation button will ask you which post you would like a recording of.)

  • Do Not Listen to What Anyone Tells You
  • Yes
  • Redemption Songs
  • Love Like That
  • Fit to Break my Heart
  • Knowledge Less Casually
  • This is Your Fault
  • The Heroin of Amber Sparks
  • the fear of being majestically on fire
  • Darling Thomas
  • Questions That Could Save My Life
  • Flint
  • Holy Stones
  • You are my Attraction
  • Dancing on my own Grave
  • Take me for the Hero

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