I like the bear

Poke the bunny!

I got a realtor with Colliers International. He’s perfect. One of us all the way. We talked about Ralph Bakshi films, how to make explosives in the kitchen, and breaking me out of my apartment with a file baked inside a chocolate cake. (I haven’t been outside for more than an hour in three days. I have been only writing, responding to letters, talking to the bank and hours on the tireless phone. I’m wearing through the carpet where I sit stationed, cross-legged, wedged between the bottom of my bed and my snarling computer.)

He stayed up late to write the contract last night and we’re getting together this afternoon to go over subjects and all the important etceteras. (There’s a suspicion that he can get the price dropped even more.) It looks like we’ll have eight weeks in which to do this, maybe nine.

This means Heart of the World is still beating.

It might be early to say, as we don’t have the financing in place yet, but everything’s looking a lot easier all of the sudden. I feel like I might have a chance to finally breathe. There’s talk of a Heart of the World fundraiser happening at the VCC sometime soon. I don’t specifically know the details, only that Paul Plimley’s been talking to Sal Ferreras and Alexander Varty on my behalf.

Le Grand Content is splendid. Watch it.

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