a penny candy for your thoughts as I’m late to every party, even my own


So happy birthday me.

To belatedly celebrate, I would appreciate it if you, my friends and readers, would be kind enough to comment with something a favourite ______. A poem, song, story or url, an image or a quote, something you love, that moves or inspires you, whether yours or someone else’s. It doesn’t matter. You could even tell me an unthinkable joke or an avant-garde secret. Even only a single word – just one word that you love, like ‘panache’ or ‘serendipity’. Anything. Let creativity freely rear its unusual head.

People have been asking about gifts, when really I have almost everything I would like. I may have found a house to host a birthday party at, The Boy will be here on the 21st, Silva brought me a massive black feather-boa, and Ray has sent for a new musical saw to replace mine that went gone. The only things left to do now are to fix my glasses, (I think I’ll be able to pay for that by selling the rest of my books. How peculiar, my empty shelves.), and acquire a camera card capable of vast amounts of information. I am trying to rid myself of things, not collect any more, though my thanks and appreciation to everyone who’s asked. It’s kind of you. It’s nice.