Vancouver Masquerade 2007

in my name

You and a guest are invited to:

The Masquerade
a local phantasmagoria, the social event of the season

Friday, June 29, 2007 at 7:30pm, at the Jericho Arts Centre.

Please be prepared with a mask & a (formal) costume of any era. Absolutely no street, casual wear or plain work clothes will be admitted! Plain jeans, cargo pants or suits are not permitted unless part of an ensemble – e.g. a suit-jacket as part of a dirigible captain’s costume is perfectly fine.

Some ideas for formal dress include: fantasy or period costume, tuxedo, dress uniform, Victorian gowns, traditional ethnic, fictional character or futuristic. Use your imagination! Creativity is highly encouraged and deeply appreciated. Please note however, that this is a formal ball, not a costume party. If in doubt please don’t hesitate to ask the organizers; they would be happy to help!

Performances will begin at 8:30.

We graciously request $20 in –advance– to cover costs and, optionally, $15 to partake of the open bar.
RSVP required. E-mail geminifest at to purchase a ticket. First come, first serve.

thank you very much for reminding me

Michael asked today if Henry & June makes a good date movie. I replied it’s too filthy for a first date, and then silently wished very much that I had someone to watch it with. It’s been a long time.

Ten or eleven years old, I had put my little brothers to bed hours ago, reading them a story of two round, identical looking policemen afflicted with green bubbles. I am in the living room – the lights are off except for the flickering TV, a window open to another world, earlier in the century, where writers flirt like fires blazing and Anias Nin is the brightest star I’ve ever seen. She’s lucent, intense, everything I suddenly want to kiss – an entirely new jet set idea. She’s sitting by a bed where two whores curl like perfect notes on sheets as white as a score and my imagination’s on a rocket-trip from rags to riches, inspired by the sly incipient grace of her character and the sweetheart face of Maria de Medeiros. Abruptly, I have a type, another map for the future desires embedded in my fingers. I want to read everything Anias has ever written, I want to fall out of the sky into the arms of a woman who looks just like her.

And, a few years later, I did.

One of these days, I have to watch that movie again.