scissor spiders

Christopher Locke makes spider-sculptures out of confiscated scissors bought at TSA auctions.


And that, my lovelies, concludes my Hallowe’en Post-An-Hour, as I am now going to actually go out and try to happily flounce around in my costume at Ben‘s movie with Michael. If you liked what you saw, please feel free to throw me a few coins towards a bus-pass in leiu of trick-or-treating candy. Thanks! Happy holidays!

The Far Side, The Movie

Gary Larson wrote an animated Halloween special, Tales From The Far Side.

I had never heard of it before today, (though the animation was completely made in Vancouver), even references to it are scarce. (Gary Larson is very anti-posting-his-work-on-the-net.) It took an almost unbelievable twenty minutes, but I found an on-line copy anyway.


Part 1 .::. Part 2 .::. Part 3

Please note: absolutely everything uploaded by fxguy1031 is not only Hallowe’en themed, but brain-meltingly awesome.

absurd and macabre, the eccentric work of Kris Kuksi

Kris Kuksi – “Lust and Self-Abuse” – mixed media – 29″ diameter – 2007

I’ve posted about this uncanny art before. It’s beautiful, bizarre, elaborate, and morbidly embellished. What’s there not to love? It’s time to reacquaint ourselves with his outlandish and perverted sculpture! Especially, as lucky for us, Dark Roasted Blends has an illustrated interview with Kris Kuksi.