time to say goodbye

Tony, brilliant sweetheart that he is, was determined to get me a corset before he left for home back in May. In that entirely endearing way that only he ever managed, his first two tries were not-quite-disasters. The first one was an over-priced off-the-rack from one of those little gothy shops in Gastown, and didn’t fit even a tiny bit. They couldn’t even pretend it could be altered, so with after a bit of genteel kicking and screaming, the shop-girl took it back.

The second one was wicked, a black satin Vollers. Wonderful, delicious, but too tiny, bought in a rush as a store was closing, as we were running out of time, (we only had three days before he was due back in L.A.), not the way to buy anything so unique, permanent or expensive, especially from a store with a No Returns policy.

The third one was the money shot. It fit absolutely fairy-tale perfect. Not only was it 50% on sale, it was everything I’d always wished for, even purple, my hoped for, and black velvet, his.

So here, after it’s lived months carefully rolled in a bag on my bookshelf, is the black satin Voller’s corset. I’ve put it up on eBay for $100 less than he paid for it.