“now that these days have conspired against us, we keep our fists up”


365 2009: 18.01.09
365 2009: 18.01.0

The PuSh festival starts today, Vancouver’s most fascinating little performance festival. Two weeks of perpetually rewarding dance, theater, music, and, this year, astonishing puppetry. (festival event calendar). A slice of my heart is breaking that I’ve no resources this year to make it to anything. Shows have been especially calling to me, too. Ronnie Burkett’s Requiem for a Golden Boy, Bang on a Can All-Stars, Woodpigeon at Club PuSh, and a rare concert by one of my favourite bands, the beige, who are playing at Performance Works at 11 pm next Thursday. After all, what’s life without marionettes, otherworldly collaborations, and stripped-back sweetheart jazz?

darling allow me to introduce someone i met in the hallway
they say they remember when we first were sweethearts
lightning around us
and i knew you were the one for me

come one, come all

Secret Film School presents Todd Rohal’s “Guatemalan Handshake” tonight.

“A feast for the senses… a challenge for the brain.”

Film at 7 sharp. 400 West Hastings. Arrive early as doors will be locked.

In the confusion following a massive power outage in small-town America, human doormat Donald Turnupseed (actor-musician Will Oldham, Old Joy) suddenly vanishes, setting in motion a surreal series of events affecting his hapless father, his pregnant girlfriend, a pack of wild boy scouts, a lactose-intolerant roller rink employee, an elderly woman in search of her lost poodle, and his best friend: a ten-year-old girl named Turkeylegs.

One of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film, writer-director Todd Rohal charts strange new cinematic waters with his madly innovative feature debut, The Guatemalan Handshake. Winner of Special Jury Prizes at 2006 Slamdance and Torino, Rohal’s vivacious feast for the senses “bristles with his anarchic visual language, offbeat humor, ephemeral sense of narrative, circuitous character sketches, and freewheeling sense of mirth” (Baltimore City Paper).

Corey McAbee, (Billy Nayer Show, The American Astronaut), also stars, and has sent me some anecdotes about making the film to pass on to everyone who attends.

congratulations, he wasn’t shot

Today I felt it was more important to watch Obama’s inauguration through the magic of live streaming video from my bed than to get up get to work on time. (Oh future, you are so magical.)

My early morning head muzzy on time differences, I missed most of the show, but as the speech drew to a close, I could feel my eyes stinging with a rich mix of emotions. Pride, wonder, worry… but most of all relief.

Congratulations on your recent transformation, U.S.A. On your recent return to morality, decency, and fair play.

We’ve been waiting for you. It’s going to be a good day.