I’ll be what I am

This month is apparently The Month Of The House-Guest. Not only has Will moved into our library until February with his sweet, darling cat who continues to hiss at my sweet, darling cats, Christopher and Jordan just spent the weekend, now Nate is over, soon be followed by Tony.

This, my friends, is fabulous.

I like having company over. According to me, it doesn’t happen enough. (David, on the other hand, has completely given up on keeping anyone’s names straight.) Most days my social life lives in a strange limbo, caught between the hundreds of local people I know, but barely see, and the few on-line friends I talk to almost daily, but have mostly never met. House guests bridge the gap nicely. It’s a Win Win situation. Not only do they get me out to fun restaurants and the aforementioned terribly neglected locals, they also continue to fortify my belief that my friends-who-happen-to-live-far-away and ‘internet friends’, a term that does no one a good deed, are not in fact baby eating basement dwellers who shower once a month and brush their teeth with blood. (A possibility that, in spite of the media, I refuse to worry about, as proved by my utter and complete willingness to come sleep on your couch.)

So, that said – if you’re coming to Vancouver, make sure to drop me a line. If you don’t mind cats, it’s very likely you’ve got a place to stay.