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Canadian fetishwear designer Slinka, (an especially darling acquaintance of mine), has recently come upon a pet-related financial crisis. Her cat Pooh needs dental surgery she and her partner can’t quite afford. Thankfully you can help her by helping yourself, (if you’re the sort who’s into such things), by buying her sexy, sexy latex designs for you and/or your loved ones, just in time for Valentines:


ps. wristbands are only $20.


Riding through Crackton this morning, there was no one on the street. It was suspicious, so suspicious, even the Theives Market was gone. The corner of Pigeon Parked looked like an abandoned movie set. Benches were not huddles of homeless, forts of shopping carts and tattered blankets, shouting about drugs, threats, or Jesus. I could see police farther down one street, bunched at the mouth of an alley, clapping their dark gloved hands together against the chill, but no other evidence of anything that could have happened. My bus went by too fast. Yesterday our regular junk strip was our regular junk strip, all howling, dirty, and dangerous for tourists. Where did everyone go?