ready to shake my buttmachine

365: 10.02.09
365: 41 – 10.02.09

Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming response to my post regarding the potentially illegal use of my image in a pro logging campaign. Your support is appreciated and very welcome. I will do my best to keep everyone updated as information comes in. So far I have yet to discover what company it was or even when the campaign ran, but I’ve tracked down the photographer, (a very nice fellow I do not want to damage), though have not yet spoken to him, and have been promised a copy of the poster, which I will likely pick up next week. (I can already tell I’m going to feel uncomfortable having a life sized poster of myself in residence. Creeeeepy.) Everything else is going to have to wait until I get back from my weekend trip to the states.

Which reminds me…

Who here lives in Portland, Seattle, or Bellingham? I’m going to be there, and I want to see you!
Come out to a show, point us toward where the good food lives, or even just say Hi!

We’ll be arriving in Portland late tonight, probably too late for anything special, but should have almost all tomorrow free for exploration, meeting people, and general bumming about. Our current Things To Visit is a whopping list of two, (Sock Dreams, Voodoo Doughnuts), so we’re open to suggestions. I think we’ll head up to Seattle late Saturday morning or early afternoon, and spend the rest of our weekend there, with a quick Sunday gig stop with Mike in Bellingham on the way back. Bon voyage! I can’t wait to get out of dodge.

make me proud

Awhile ago, (a long while now), Tillie had the presence of mind to drop off a porn chessboard at my home, because she didn’t want it anymore, and if anyone was going to know someone who would, it would be me. Since then it’s been taking up space behind my bedroom door, neglected, ignored, and never once used. This is a shame, as she put a lot of work into making it, so to make myself feel better about my recent awful discovery, and because I do not want a lesbian porn chessboard in my house anymore, groovy as it might be, it’s time to prove her right.

Therefore, in the spirit of V-Day and the Internet Being For Porn, I henceforth declare a hilarious and comical contest, as suggested by Lung Liu:

Show Me Your Best “O” Face.

Post your best O-Face in the comments, win a lesbian porn chessboard.

This unique wooden chess board, made of decoupaged lesbian pornography on unfinished plywood with distressed black edges, is approximately a foot and a half by a foot and a half and signed on the back by the artist.

A winner will be chosen next week once I get back from Portland.

from ignorance to a legitimate flare of anger

365: 08.02.09
365: 08.02.09

I’ve just discovered that a photo of twelve year old me walking through the Endowment Lands with my little brother Mark has been used as a life sized cross Canada promotional poster for a pro-logging coalition to promote logging of old-growth forests “by showing that second-growth forests can be enjoyed too”.

I never signed a release and I doubt my mother did either nor did my mother. Does anyone know if there’s anything I can do to fight this?

tough to prod into romance

365: 06.02.09
365: 06.02.09

I see you walking in my dreams, splinters of invincible movement from the corner of my eye, fiction and blood drowning together, the colours thicker than in photographs of your eyes. Winter shifting out of December, reaching forward to pull Spring out of the calloused clouds, (the random smell of flowers dripping in the wind), wondering what waiting will bring. Dreams of airports and shredded letters, structures built of running faster, learning the contours of your hands. I think of the chambers of the heart and name them in order, atria and ventricles, the left and right of each. I think of tracing patterns, explaining the history of the word skin, from the German word scinten or schinden, to flay, as I peel back electric layers of myself and still discover you there.

much obliged?

I’ve just recieved a puzzling e-mail, (and by just, I mean I’ve only just now fished it out of my junk mail, where it has been languishing a couple of days), claiming to be from Her Majesty the Queen. Anyone want to fess up who sent it? I haven’t replied, in spite of the grandly amusing address of e_rex@monarchy, at the risk it is very clever spam, rather than a friend having a bit of a laugh.

FROM: Elizabeth Windsor
SUBJECT: Not an unwanted missive, we hope.

“Dearest Jhayne,

We just wanted to take a moment to say that we have been much entranced with your joie de vive. Pray continue to seize life in your teeth and shake if for all that it is worth.

Much delight,

Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Scourge of the Seas, Defender of the Fates, so mote it be!”