Help Coilhouse Win a Small Business Grant!

mostly via Nadya:

Guys, Coilhouse Magazine needs your help! Basically, here’s the deal: we’ve entered the magazine into a competition for a $100K business grant that we feel we have a real shot at winning. My knee-jerk reaction to all contests, sweepstakes and competitions is that they’re all scams. But this one actually sounds promising, and if we won, it would change everything for us. As a small business, it’s hard for us to keep going in this economy, but this could give us the boost we need to really take Coilhouse to the next level.

It literally takes 60 seconds to help out here. You just have to register (they won’t spam you.. unlike me) and vote (it takes 1 click).

STEP ONE: Go here to register. I know, registering is super-annoying. This one’s relatively painless. Don’t worry about spam – they explicitly say “we will not solicit your email for special offers, product news or other communications.”

STEP TWO: Go to our entry. Click on “Support This Story, ENDORSE NOW.”

STEP THREE (BONUS ROUND!): If you really, REALLY want to support us and take one extra step, get the word out! Let people know we need support. Post this link on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or whatever.

Please, please take a minute to vote for us. We’re really serious about winning this thing, and every vote counts. Thank you!