Spectaculous! Ridonkeykong!

Kevin says:

The only thing I can claim is being proud of knowing many of the people who had been working on it for months. That and scavenging a number of the major props which are currently sitting in Theory Labs or are being built into my new bedroom… The wall they stand against at the end? Now behind my bed… Not sure what to do with the air cannons but I’m sure we can find a use for them if we just apply ourselves…

So… Behold OK GO’s new video and the Rube Goldberg machine that all of our friends have worked on…

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – RGM version

The Making Of: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV. Also, for the same song, the Marching Band video.

like the sound teeth make when they casually come together, resting lightly inside of your head

Seven o’clock. Huh. Last time I looked it was only six, and the time before that, somewhere around four. The night drowned in the hours I was working on photography, clicking through pictures, polishing, discarding. Carlos bought one of my test Plywerk runs, a large black and white print of Vancouver in winter, a man standing to the right of a snowy street, elegantly silhouetted in the midst of chaos just off screen, a glittering sea of girls in club dresses with high heels up to here, shivering on the arms of loud men, boys really, too drunk to fuck, too young to care. My first photography sale at the new shop, the first, I hope, of many. I remember the very small sound my camera made in that moment, somehow saved for me by the miraculous insulating properties of snow. Even in the midst of a thousand voices shouting into cellphones, desperate, dangerous, all seeking cabs, I could still hear it, that minuscule, hesitant click.