help some artists get to norwescon!

Regarding my recent post about Norwescon, I have to admit the primary reason I’m planning to attend this year is because my friend Myke Amend and his incredible partner Bethalynne Bajema will be in attendance. (Check out their super website, the Miskatonic Archive.) Both of them are absolutely lovely people, treasures in the world, and though I’ve known Myke for many, many years, we’ve never yet had a chance to meet!

For me, attending is simple. Seattle is three hours away by bus, the con will be full of friends, and it’s all very familiar territory. For them, not so much. Late-payment by a publisher has made the point of payment pretty much pointless, as their plane ticket prices have jumped $500 in the time it has taken (so far) for them to make good. To help, I’m asking my readers to take a look at their art and purchase something or pass it on to someone else who might.

What do these two do? Style, panache, airships, steampunk, tentacles, elegance, and dark, deadly wit. If you’re at all interested in ‘teh spooky’, these two are where it’s at. (To give you some references, Myke just recently did a book cover for another friend, Cherie Priest, author of Boneshaker, which has just been nominated for the Locus Awards, {vote for her at the link}, and had a painting commissioned by Robert of Abney Park to hang in his study.)

They have Airship Pirate T-shirts and Babydoll tees, prints from Myke Amend’s Airships and Tentacles series, pretty box purses, and Bethalynne’s striking neo-victorian art for sale at Etta Diem. Prices range from $10 for a print to $375 for an original painting, with a lot offered in between. For a more visual view of what they have on offer, they also have an Etsy shop.