going on the wall above my bed

Tony and I scored some awfully sweet treats at the Emerald City ComicCon on Sunday, (especially at the TopatoCo booth, where Tony picked up both Wondermark books, a Futurism poster, “Building a fake future in the hopes that the real future will show up to mate with it”, the Dresdon Kodak Biscuit Science shirt, Questionable Content’s glow-in-the-dark cat-with-a-rocket-pack Science is a Verb Now shirt, and Kate Beaton’s new book, Never Learn Anything From History), but one of my absolute favourites has to be a print of Powder, by Ben Walker:

Ben insists they are locked in mortal combat, (“Look at the blood and claws! You don’t know who will win.”), but we prefer our interpretation, that the moose and mighty jackalope are merely rough-housing, thundering together in epic no-holds-barred two ton tickle-fight. See that open mouth? The jackalope is laughing, its chittering squeals of merriment and mirth loud enough to shatter glass.