it hailed today and blessed us with fox rain


To Do List (updated)

  • Sell giant mirror.
  • Paint the livingroom white. Ready the livingroom for painting.
  • Purchase paint for the mirror frames.
  • Paint my bedroom. Ready my bedroom for painting.
  • Obtain cat-resistant curtains.
  • Obtain new bed sheets.
  • Reorganize hall closet.
  • Frame the posters/art.
  • Get new glasses. Pick up glasses/contacts. Learn how to use contacts.
  • Learn to drive.
  • Pass highschool.
  • File taxes 1999-2009. Fill out my 2009 Tax Forms.
  • Take a dance class.
  • Learn something new.

    Work on my life continues to escalate, much of it thanks to Tony.

    There’s other things too, (like job hunting, love letters, cleaning my room, completing my workspace, writing and compiling the picture book, working on Thread of Grace, charting out some travel plans, getting more exercise, being more social, finalizing the groom’s party wedding planning, researching schools, and finally, finally, catching up on my massive photography back-log), but those are all being chipped at, bit by bite, and don’t feel quite as much like “one good shot and they’re done” kind of tasks. In regards to this list, I’m trying to take at least one step forward every single day. Monday I applied for five jobs, picked up my 2009 tax forms, officially requested my employment slips, had an eye exam and a contacts fitting, visited with Jay, and significantly made a dent in the clutter in my room. Today I applied for three, returned all the phone calls and most of the e-mail I’ve been neglecting, started pinning down travel plans with Lung, dropped by Dominique‘s, edited a chapter of a friend’s novel, and bought a pail of white paint. Tonight I’m going to start on my tax forms, hook up my printer and scanner and clean more of my room. Tomorrow I’m planning on finishing what I don’t get done tonight, prepping my livingroom for paint, sorting some of the front hall, visiting with Randa, and still finding time for a bike ride with Kyle.

  • Dine-Out Vancouver, the yearly blurb

    Dine-Out Vancouver started this week, an annual food festival that involves wickedly-worth-it expensive restaurants offering three course menus for either $18, $28, or $38* per person. (This doesn’t include drinks, tips, or taxes). Running from April 26 – May 6, it’s a wonderful opportunity – delicious, cheap, and super fun. There’s around 200 restaurants involved, which can make it seem a little overwhelming, but they all have searchable on-line menus posted, and easy to find phone numbers for reservations. (The trick is to always call them in. The place you pick might claim on-line that they’re full up, but anyone with experience with this knows better.) They’re sorted alphabetically, by price, or by the type of cuisine they offer. Scroll down to the middle of the page to find the Search Box.

    So now you’re all properly In The Know, where are you planning on going?

    *I admit I loved it more when it was $15/25/35.