month long birthday sale very especially over

A gigantic warm and wonderful thank you to everyone who took part in my print sale and purchased a print, whether as a digital file or an actual physical object! I hope everyone loves what they recieved! In future, if you would like a print of one of my photos, please contact me directly or look through my Etsy shop, A Thread of Grace. (Almost all prints can be purchased in different sizes or mounted on sustainable bamboo panels.) If you would like something you don’t see listed there or if you like something there but don’t want to be bothered to join Etsy, no worries! I am more than happy to make a custom listing for you or to work with you directly using Paypal. Your business is delicious, especially as it helps keep food in my fridge.

Also, in case you’re local, remember that I’m also available to be booked for headshots, promo materials, and all sorts of various etceteras. Given my stunning lack of employment lately, I’m crazy ready, willing, and able.