tell me the signs of brain damage

What a roller-coaster! I started my week long 9 am – 4 pm employment program on Monday, luckily landing in with a bunch of unusually clever folks, only to fall deathly ill late Tuesday afternoon, (so feverish I deliriously went into convulsions and my mother stayed the night taking care of me), right after booking a wedding shoot for Saturday. All of Wednesday was lost to recovery, and today the fact that I only fell down once while walking around my apartment has been an incredible victory. Tomorrow I’m going back to my program anyway, then calling the groom, who I have never met and do not know, to finalize details, before meeting Tony’s bus from Seattle, and racing as fast as possible on a broken foot over to the Folk Fest to catch Shane on the main stage. On Saturday morning, after what will feel like not half enough sleep, I will finally meet the bride and groom as they pick me up on their way to pick up a sailboat, which we will then sail over to the wedding, where I’m going to do my damnedest to not fall off a dock while trying to stay out of everyone’s line of sight while still getting good pictures, while Tony likely sets off for the Folk Fest market, carrying my extra gear. If all goes well, we’ll meet later at Granville Island for more pictures, the reception, and more pictures, where, who knows, maybe I’ll even sit down. Will I be okay being so busy after being so sick and running around on broken bones? I don’t know, but I can tell you this – I certainly don’t have any plans yet for Sunday. Except to go to an evening movie and, oh yeah, Folk Fest until I drop. Hah!