“When life gives you mascara, make masquerade”

365:2010/07/07 - preparing

Tony and I have decided to go forward with our trip to Burning Man!!

Even though we’ve been planning on going together practically since our first kiss, we were a hair’s breadth away from cutting Lung free to try it alone this year as my injuries cascaded, stranding me immobile on the chilly shores of chronic pain and disability. Tony wavered, delighted to take me on my greatest adventure, yet terrified of the idea of abetting further or possibly permanent damage to my body. It was last week’s miraculous physio appointment, (where my dislocated ankle was put back into alignment), that finally tipped the balance, as well as this: my arm is no longer in a sling, in one week my broken toe should be fully healed, in two weeks my strained wrists should be better, and in three weeks my previously dislocated ankle should be almost fully functional. My right shoulder’s still an internal ruin and my recovering ankle will be tender and tire easily, but by the time we get to Black Rock City, I should be recovered enough that it won’t be actively dangerous for me to attend. Not any more than for other people, at least, what with all the DIY fire throwers and all.

So far we’ve booked a minivan rental, bought warm vintage fur coats for the cold playa nights, and Tony’s hooked me up with a truly sweet pair of dust goggles, as seen in the inset picture.

This week’s plan is to find a truly fabulous wide brim hat, three cheap-as-pity bikes with fat tires and good brakes, and acquire at least one Lawrence of Arabia outfit, the better to survive a week of searing desert sun, that which I am most afraid of. (Some people merely flush a bittersweet bloom of pink, but my flesh reduces to crispy ashes in under twenty minutes. My thin skin, pale like paper, burns as such, and the last thing I want to do is spend my trip hallucinating from pain with a back like peeling, bleeding bacon.)

Does anyone know a good source for such things? Local, (Seattle/Vancouver), or on-line.