I also ate eleven pounds of cherries over three days

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Things are coming together. I traded Gustavo a photoshoot for a working PC, (which should completely solve my computer issues), I found cheap playa bikes on Craiglist, and Ray and I bought a bike rack together that he’ll keep after Burning Man.

Next up: processing Gustavo’s photos, dropping paperwork off at social services, transferring some debt money, finding a basket for my bike, attaching it, replacing the seat, putting air in the tires, cleaning house and rinsing out the jam jars for Sunday Tea, getting on top of the laundry and the mending, readying my room for vaccuming, testing the camelback I won in an on-line riddle contest, finding my wedding gown skirt, (which might be in Seattle), cutting up t-shirts, packing clothes for Burning Man, finding a desert sun hat, making a photobook, finishing Tanith’s haircut, tossing out the shredded old blankets, putting the videos someone left here a year ago out free in the alley, finishing my website, (self-portrait gallery and About page), dying my hair, checking my tent for Lung, emptying out the bench and putting it up on Craigslist, cashing in the change tin at the money counting machine ($150!), conjuring groceries out of the result, as well as four caster wheels for the little pink table, magic wrap for the broken hose, and a replacement handle for the chest of drawers, all while trying to find a job.