music, death from above, shaving my pussy


  • Tony, Gustavo, Will, Nicole, and I went to Justice Rocks to see the gypsy music voodoo of Maria in the Shower, who rocked damned lovely. My favourite part was when the trumpet player climbed on top of the upright bass for a solo. It was, in a word, epic.
  • I stepped on a bee. Sliding the dark, needle thin stinger from my toe was easy, seeing the soft yellow and black fur attached to it was not. I like bees and it makes me sad when they die. Because I’ve been stung hundreds of times, stings don’t really hurt anymore, but I still had a tiny venom blister today.
  • David and I tried shaving one of the cats, as they’ve been getting sick from heatstroke, but due to a very thick coat, it didn’t work. In the end, David declared the cats to be sheep and I had to use scissors to finish the job. Gustavo recorded everything. If it goes on the internet, I’ll show you the video. Now Tanith has a short patch on her left shoulder. We can’t tell if she’s happy about it or not.