artpost: and we shall not go gently, either

From Magical Game Time, a beautiful punch-to-the-chest video game themed comics and art blog by Zac Gorman, a professional cartoonist and illustrator currently based out of Detroit. You may know him as the artist responsible for and we never got old or dumb-running-sonic.
(My favourite that I’ve seen so far is I don’t expect for you to wait for me — I don’t expect anything. I just want to see you. And to see what happens next —).

I recommend the recent The Metro Times interview with him regarding his career and sudden viral success, Allow Him To Illustrate.

artpost: baby’s on fire

Ignite, a Puncture Vine CD Cover, painted by Canadian illustrator Robert Carter.

Other personal favourites include, Halo, Crack!, Sgt. Shakespeare, Unraveling Fire (boy), Inner Dialogue, and Black Gold Or Green Earth.

Prints and commissions are available through his website, Cracked Hat.
Found through, which has a nice collection of his work posted here.