Went to Plaidalicious‘ 25th birthday party and had a wonderful, geeky time. Ray and I went together and we brought along my brother Robin. He was dealt with excellently, as I suppose only that sort of group could. Contacts were re-forged with pen and paper and friends arrived that I haven’t seen in so long I’ve forgotten how to talk to them. *grins* Bill Stretch was there too, and social, for once. Course, not particularly with me, but I know enough to know why. Marcella brought Butterscotch schnapps. How wonderfully evil of her. Apparently I must someday order a drink called a Buttery Nipple. Never would this occured to me, if it hadn’t been for her advice.

Ray came over and picked Bill and I, and the three of us wandered down to the Carosel Theatre costume Sale. It was disapointing, to be kind, but we smiled wandering the room. Trish was there, to meet Bill and they went off for coffee. Ray and I decided we might have better luck at Mayersons, as they’ve been advertizing a halloween sale. Nothing there either, and the Party Store a block down was too busy to breathe. Nothing for me and my five dollars to spend on Halloween. *sadface* Love is more difficult than ever.

After fruitless searching for Love in all the wrong places, we picked up mine at the Starbucks at the mouth of Granville Island, and headed off for Hell’s Kitchen. I’m not going to really recommend it any time soon, our food was cold and the bathrooms un-nerving, though it does come with it’s own silly conversation topics. The waitstaff all seemed as poptart clones.

After finishing dinner with a mediocre miniture Tiramisu, we split up, Ray and I to the Candy shop, Bill down the hill to Videomatica. Volari Valari was rented, how wonderful. Neither of us had seen it before and it’s sincerly full of humour. The Italians are exquisite in thier tastes. We even managed to have cartoons before the film, with the Harvey Birdman video that Ray is lending us.

Sunday was a pretty day. I woke to my love bending over me, his hair in my eyes, his voice in my ears. Today I get to have my hair re-purpled. *bliss* He had long ago decided to make a photoshoot out of it, and today was the day. The cameras were freshly loaded with film, and after messing about with the shower-room, we went to it. Alistaire called early on, with words about a rooftop picnic, and a phonecall later, though it eneded up not happening. All went well and fun, (through four phonecalls later), until it came to actually rinse out my hair. That was when the lightbulb in the shower exploded.
The pain was intense. Little poisonous, burning shards of glass imbedded in my body. I feel I was lucky I was facing it side on. There was glass everywhere. Strangely, the filiment continued burning, and so at first Bill didn’t know what had happened. A bang and then I was standing rigid, trying not to move or scream, and there wasn’t anything to show for it beyond the tears streaming down my face. It took us twenty minutes to pick out all the slivers. (Course, in the middle of it, the phone rings again. Brilliant.)
Now I feel horrid, bbecause for the first time, I’ve used permanent haircolour and instead of the purple blakc on the box, it has turned my hair mousebrown with a tiny bit of purple tint on the top. All of that glass, and a days worth of effort useless, purely useless. Brown. Erg.

Afterwards, I was due at my mothers. Kidsitting. Joy. I still wasn’t certain if all the glass was gone, but off I went. I called my friend James on arrival though, phoning him back after he’d called whilst I was dying. He invited the boys and I out for doughnuts and I happily accepted. Escape from that dark, airless house to intelligent, witful company. Plus doughnuts! We left the house in under ten minutes.
Downtown, the boys and I wandered, entirely ignorant of the location of Tim Hortons. Trial and error found us the place, and James bicycled up moments after our arrival. After picking out uor sugary treats, we left and walked down the road to the cathedral and around it. He took us to the roof of the building there. It was beautiful. Looking down, all around, at the city. Orange glitter spread everywhere, lights floating over the land, defining it.

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