deus ex washing machinas

Heya everyone.

As you may or may not have heard, my mum is moving yet again, this time out to UBC. She’s wanting to drop off her washer and dryer here to my house, but we’re somewhat lacking in bodies to help. Would anyone be willing to help lug them into a truck and back out again? I believe pizza has been promised. If you are available – tell me when and I’ll try my best to arrange a day best for everyone involved.



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You ca drop them off any screening evening (Thursday – Saturday) around 6. The most sure fire way of going about it though would be the laptop idea.

How does the satruday the 23 strike you?


On Tuesday, December 16, 2003, at 01:52 PM, Jhayne Holmes wrote:

The Zim marathon still sounds like a great idea. In terms of divX, I’m sure we can find some way to convert to quick time and then to DVD. Get me the files and I’ll start to fiddle. When would you like to put on this shindig? Marc

Well – I’ve got all the high quality ones burned now, so i could drop them by any evening. Just give me a day and I’ll get them to you. Also, I have a friend who is pretty certain that if DivX would a problem for you, he could supply his laptop plus whatever cables would be required to patch him in. As regarding when – we wouldn’t be asking for a private viewing, a public night would be fine, so really – it’s up to you. Whenever you feel everything is set up to your satisfaction. We would ask for a Saturday, if possible – plus – it would have to be an earlier start as there’s approx nine hours. *grinning*


Mike – this means you.

And, yes, I’m aware there is no Sat the 23rd – I’m going to point that out. Updates to continue.

a wierdly appropriate 12 days

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I hate needing affection. I hate yearning for it, I hate wanting to ask for it. Once you ask for it, what’s the point? It’s canceled out by your request and is now meaningless. Damn damn damn.
“Hey – could you please just kiss me on the forehead oor something??”
“No, no, spontaneously, when I’m not loooking.”


I wish my Love loved me more….

Well – I certainbly agree. We should have a monthly event, and I am more than happy to host it. (Unless, if it’s strictly dinner though. In that case, help will be needed.)

In other shocking news – I have been hired on again at minumum wage – this time to Fanny’s Fabric in the Bay downtown. A little corner of a shop on the fifth floor. Doesn’t sound like it’ll be awful, but I imagine the total lack of windows will leave me mall-burned everyday.


Had a wonderful party time. Everyone came who I hoped would, (minus one), and people I hadn’t even met arrived. (How did you get my address, mr. reluctance?). It was wonderful to meet everyone. Now I have face, voice, cadence, and word for all these lovely writers I read religiously. *grinning*

Mike arrived first, and we played YDKJ until Ray arrived. Then it seemed everyone else arrived all at once. ‘Cept Alli, who actually had been on the same bus as James but had walked the wrong way. Amazing, the half hour difference.

THe game of 100 cards was quite silly. It occured to me that it was a far better thing that friends are a new thing for me, so I could appreciate keenly how special it was to have a room full of happy intelligent people enjoying themsdelves in my livingroom.

My cheeks hurt the next day from laughing so much. Poor Bill was exhausted though. Never really joined us. Was up at 6 and going hard all day with people coming obver from 8a.m. onwards. Poor dear was far too dead by the time the other group of partiers came over. *grinning* Had a loverly time anyways though. I think Mike dancing the interprative of his grandmother being a prostitute in WWII was deff a high point. *laughter* I iimagine, though, it may sound better, (or worse), than it actually was.

Now – who took the cards I put aside??

gingerbread update

Alrighty plan goes –

where: my place – if you don’t have the address, or directions, call 321.poem

when: sunday, dec 7th, 5pm and after

what: mini x-mas party. We will tear our gingerbread house into nummy chunks and drink egg-nog, perhaps to the accompaniment of silly games, if anyone can think of any. *grinning*

byo whatever you like. egg-nog, rum, cookies, raisons… etc.