mostly just make me laugh – linger on

Things learned at SinCity:

  •  in spite of short shorts, Nicholson still manages to be a big sexy bunny rabbit.
  • Adrian has hardly any  sense of rythym but dances anyways (yay)
  • (plus it’s one of the cutest things in the world to watch him dirty dance with girls)
  • like, really really adorable (aww – widdle whiteboy dancing… AWWWWW)
  • some people can dance in short shorts.
  • and huuuuuge scary shoes.
  • and both
  • and still look good *puzzled at that one*
  • I really don’t like the tongue/ear combination
  • threatening to whip certain people will help them quit smoking, because then there’s a reward
  • it is possible to meet lovely people at fetish nights who aren’t wierd
  • it is more than possible to dance till you drop
  • the dropping part isn’t as fun
  • the thought of actually getting physically intimate with anyone at the moment actually makes me ill
  • again
  • fetish night still has far superior music to goth night
  • there are less large leering men than previously remembered
  • I’m learning to dance again
  • though not used to falling over yet
  • the elf guy with the staring game still looks like Bill
  • plastic boning is evil

and that’s not it, but that’s all for now