comix collection

A few people have asked for it, and as I’m stuck on the puter today anyways, it’s not like I have anything better to do then list my webcomix folder..

——–some place to find new comix——–

buzz comix

next comics

day free press

online comics

——— the list ———


a softer world

something positive

Instant Classic

scary go round

penny arcade

okay pants

absurd notions



least I  could do



questionable content

cat and girl

men in hats

monkey business

oh my gods

ornery boy


sam and fuzzy

sexy losers

get your war on

———–these I have though rarely poke at————

the parking lot is full  (no longer updated)

martins misdirection

queen of wands

return to sender

the girl in black

two lumps

theater hopper

pathetic geek stories

elf only inn

bob the angry flower


user friendly

you damn kid

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