it must be love if I want to be found in your bed

 I left the house this morning to meet James at Main as he asked me too. My thinking Main station, when he meant at Broadway meant we didn’t hook up, though I certainly hope to tonight. I’ve spent a goodly time wandering downtown trying to catch him at work and failing. I don’t think I could bear one more day of it. *considers attempting to just be there for when he gets home*

Work was work. There were kids who disliked me and others who thought I was wonderful. I’m vaguely curious what it is they say of me on days I don’ t work, but not enough to actually ask. It seems to be arbitrary, and my job is just that. A job. I had an offer to go to Lazertag with Gavin afterwards and that sounded enticing. Running around picking off people with invisible ammo in the dark. The thought kept me bolstered through the last bit of haul. Wasn’t to be though. I’m stuck bored today. Injuries have flared today and so I’m basically caught. Trying to painfully limp out of the way of lightbeams sounds slightly too masochistic.

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