enchante non

Thinking suddenly of Tolkien, she leaned over her keyboard and typed in the words, I’m back.

I sat on the plane next to two deaf men whose conversation started bleeding into my awareness. One of them noticed when I smiled at one of their jokes and we started writing notes back and forth. It was interesting and maybe not worth the rain here. There’s no snow anymore, it’s been washed away, lost to me. They gave me the window seat about two thirds in on the trip, pity it wasn’t sooner. It was a clear sky over L.A. and I could have taken you many pretty pictures. Here it was overcast, gray white spinning the sky into nothing to see, nothing to hold. Ray met me at the airport, but had to go back to work, so I’m alone now, in need of people. I may head up the road for groceries, let myself settle back into this shell of an apartment “home”.