Adding breath, not thinking. Multiply the female form, causal and effect, touch here but don’t. Lick with your eyes, don’t talk, take your tongue and tell me. It’s a corridor. There’s a little drop of blood on the floor. Four doors, eyes opening to souls. Watch this, it’s a trick. I take the tablecloth away and leave me naked. We shouldn’t be doing this, but we are because I like you. Easier that way, if it’s my fault. Just don’t consider what will happen otherwise. It’s a a mastery of the little deathly suggestion. We know I don’t make you look.

This world gives us anything. Chances to meet, darkness to hide in. Anonymity precursors to dreams, live wire real world. Tragic moments when I want to know what you taste like. Heart beating a sound like amber, clear honey jive of the ministry of communication. Clear thought heat of sweaty palms and damp pressure drop. Guitar jangle metabolism, I sang to you when I was alone last night. Sweet melody along with my monologue of thrashed missing notes. Sometimes I can’t believe I tell you the way I do, push you past my craving until you have it too.

we miss you

jhayne & ferret skatia
Originally uploaded by Foxtongue.

I thought about writing you a love letter, telling you how I dreamed of you and woke up with my fingers bloody. I decided I didn’t know how to do it and the idea fell by the wayside. Instead I started thinking of spoken word, lilting with voice and a little bit of song. Telling you, instead, of your mouth, your words, how they cling to me like electricity is playing with static soley for my benifit. I wonder what what you’re doing sometimes, at any random moment. I’ll be looking out over the ocean, slate gray waves under a silver sky and you’ll come to me. I’ll turn my head just right and catch you in the corner of my eye.

Recorded because I can.