I’m about to give this chatroom the boogie

I’ve put put to work today. The usual tuesday moderator has had to take her father to the hospital. I had five minutes warning. I’m now attached to the computer straight through to seven. (Feel free to blather with me on MSN). Seven hours of messing about on-line with brief respites in sinfully happy visits. Working weekdays always seems so easy, there’s hardly anyone on during the day. I have to wait until after their american skools let out for things to get hectic. Three o’clock sweeping across the countries in guilt stricken time-zone increments. I have some visits to look forward to, however, and tonight is Shane’s show. An Imperative You Be There sort of fing.

DOORS @ 8 SHOW @ 9 $5-7

Another moment in time that should be interesting is crispers Thursday: Down The Rabbit Hole. I’ve not the slightest clue what I will write about, which, I admit, is the same as any other time I sit down in front of the keys. I think it would be nice to post to tell him that we’ve taken part. I can’t imagine how many posts he would get if we all did. Several hundred is a general guess, his in-box flooding over-flowing with snippets of creative substance dealing half with the macabre. The deep blue walls buckling under the weight of a thousand amused attmpting writers. He already received over three hundred comments to his suggestion alone.

As a matter of curiosity, who hasn’t seen The Gods Must Be Crazy??