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I just recieved a letter from my mother:

There is some sad news.

Gord Beezer was in an accident last week.
He fell from the overpass at the courthouse at Robson square and had to have brain surgery.
He is at VGH and resting now.
It looks like he may make a full recovery, but Bob and Francis were very worried.

I have not visited because his condition was critical and only family allowed.

In many respects, I am family, but I don’t think the doctors will particularly respect that. I’ve known the Beazers since I was four years old. This isn’t what I expected to be closing my eyes on night with. I suppose this isn’t a scenario I ever could have thought of. One of those, “not in a million years,” which we humans are so fond of.

If any of you are the sort to pray, his family might appreciate it.

I, however, only have hope. It takes time to find out whether that’s enough or not.