can I hear a whoot

Something’s wrong with my internet at home. It’s corpse blood sluggish, and flickering faster than an animated disco. Highly annoying. I left my computer to defrag this morning with the sense of offering candy to a belligerent child, for that extra just in case. I’m hoping by the time I get home, whatever is wrong with my ISP will have been repaired, that turning it off then on again will be the mercy cry to packet heaven that will sort it all out, and I will be able to use the great, wide internet once again without cursing or interminable waits and time-out errors.


In other news, apparently Nicholas is in town for the day, with no forewarning.
He’s hijacking my evening until at least six.thirty.
Sorry people who were mumbling about tea. He offered tasty, so he wins.
(That, and, you know, he’s fan-freaking-tabulous and never, never here.)

EDIT: internet is still completely useless at home. bugger.