last minute

Though I rarely attend poetry slams anymore, having fairly burned out after winning too many games of my Poetry Slam Bingo, (containing such squares as: No One Understands Me, War Sucks, I Was A Highschool Misfit, If I Punch The Air You Should Clap, Let Me Show You My Angst, I Lesbian, Counting Makes Rhymes Easy, and many more), I’m going to be working the door tonight, because holy sneezes…

Sheri-D Wilson will be featuring tonight at the Vancouver Poetry Slam!

How fantastic is that, you ask? Pretty damned fantastic. And as if having the mama of dada swing by isn’t enough, it’s also the Decathalon Slam – 2 teams, 10 rounds. As many people as possible on each team. So come be a part of the fun. It’s going to get creative. There’s going to be a cupcake eating round, a sock puppet round, a mime round, a team piece round, a 1 minute poem round, an improv poem round, and so on.

On the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Monday of every month, at Cafe deux Soleils: 2096 Commercial Drive at 4th Ave. Doors and sign up at 8. Show at 9. Only $5