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The only death metal grindcore band with an avian vocalist.

Their MySpace features such songs as “Beak of Putrefaction”, “God of Empty Nest”, and “Feral Parot” (sic). For the record, the Congo African Grey parrot is named Waldo, and I really can’t stop laughing. For extra points, they’re from Victoria. Power to the locals! Weirdly, here’s a really good interview with them.

found thanks to andrew.

Also, as a bonus, an equally fantastic headline: Dog-cloner denies she was Mormon sex kidnapper Joyce McKinney.

query: any electricians in the house?

Does anyone know how to install lights? I bought a chandelier off Craigslist awhile ago, and Nicole’s then-boyfriend Brett installed it, but it’s turns out that it hangs too low and everyone keeps bumping their heads, so I went back to Craigslist and got a better one. However, Nicole and Brett are no longer together and I really have no idea how to take the old one out and put the new one in. I know that somewhere the internet will have instructions, but I am leery about attempting to muck with electricity without help.

edit: this is why the internet it fabulous. within half an hour, not only did I have a comment which made me laugh, I had actual, reasonable instructions from someone competent, and two offers from people to just come over and do it. you are all fabulous. thank you and thank you and thank you!

whoring my friends, part II

Duncan is going to be starring in one of Spectral Theatre’s Late-Night Double Features!

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night through until the end of the summer, Spectral Theatre has been presenting two one-act horror plays for the price of one ticket. Coming up in the final set of their summer series, they’ll be featuring two sci-fi/horror shows:

Nimbus, “a journey into the far reaches of space where the mysteries of creation end and the madness begins”,
written by Blake Drezet, directed by Michael Cope and featuring Aurora Chan, Joanna Gaskell, Vincent Riel & Devan Vancise.


The Hunted, “marooned on distant shores, stalked by an alien menace that boggles the imagination”,
written by Blake Drezet, directed by JC Roy and featuring Blake Drezet, Vincent Riel & our very own
Duncan “the big man” Shields.

At the Spectral Theatre Studio, 350 Powell Street. Doors at 9:30, show at 10:00. Tickets are $8. It’ll fill up fast so book your tickets early.

COILHOUSE: magazine launch party

from their site:

Held this Saturday at Hans Haveron Studios this event will be stuffed full of excellence. Look forward to:

  • Art, photography & fashion exhibit
  • Refreshments, with Mer’s “special” Electric Lemonade
  • Incredibly strange music
  • Photo booth with weird medical props, straight from Zo’s cave
  • Wall projections of Issue 01 art
  • Your first glimpse at the actual magazine!

    Enjoy art.
    Become art via expert lenses of Polaroid superstar Lou O’ Bedlam and Zo! Style Technician’s own Andrew Yoon.
    Dress your snazziest and bring your friends.
    Everyone’s invited!

    I’m sending Antony as my proxy, as the second best thing to being there, but hell, if I were even a smidgen closer, I’d drop everything to attend. My friends are doing snazzy work and I support them 100%. (And, yes, one day I’ll get around to writing an article, I promise). I hope every single one of you who live down there will go and send me photos! My bleak little heart will break if you don’t.