thank you interscope, for having a download error

Working with pre-release music has unexpected bonuses.

Right now, as work, I have to listen all the way through the new TV On The Radio album, Dear Science, which is set to release on September 23rd. So far, it’s rocking my existential thigh-high socks. It is addictive, it is smooth, it is a nice, sweet new direction, less thrashing rock and more sexy, sultry groove. Not as blow-your-head off as Young Liars back in 2003 or their follow-up, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes, but still effective. Possibly a little more desperate, a little more heart-broken. I’m going to have it on heavy rotation. I’m not even all the way through and already I’m developing favourites: Stork and Owl, a snatching, heavy-bodied track, and Golden Age, similar to Cookie Mountain, but a little more mature, a little more firmly packed, with a killer chorus.

They’re playing here September 7th at the 7 Commodore Ballroom. I’ve already seen them twice, but now I really want to go.