I support the cause but not the action. BART has nothing to do with the Oakland police.

Following up on Jake’s post regarding the BART Police that murdered a man on NYE, I woke up this morning to Warren reporting that Oakland erupted into a riot last night:

“Overnight, west Oakland finally went up, probably triggered by 1) all the mealymouthing around the shooting from the authorities 2) while everyone else was watching the fucking video of the guy being killed and 3) probably also the news that the shooting officer has resigned and is reportedly refusing to cooperate with investigators. And that no-one seems overly bothered by same.

So I just woke up, and the first thing I see is a link Laurenn sent me, to the Flickr set of a guy who went out there with a camera last night.

Naturally, what’s actually being trashed in this riot are people’s cars and “mom’n’pop” corner stores. All of whom are obviously The Man in Oaktown these days.”

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